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Maintenance Tips for Beginner Kamado Users

Here are some of the best practices in order to keep your Kamado in the best possible shape for years.

Prepare A Safe Place

Beware of the space where you use Evolve Kamado. It is intended for outdoor use only. It can get very dangerous when used indoors as it can lead to carbon monoxide exposure from buildup of combustible gases. Do not leave fire unattended ever and do not keep it in a small confined space. Always keep a safe distance from any combustible surfaces, such as dry grass, woodchips etc.


Burping the Grill

Always use heat-resistant gloves when handling hot ceramics and cooking surfaces. Do not try moving it when in use - allow to cool down fully before lifting or preparing for storage.

Since heat and smoke accumulates inside the Kamado while cooking, it is essential to burp the grill. It does not take long at all - just lift the lid slightly while it is hot. This allows air to escape slowly and safely, preventing flare-ups.


Use High-Quality Charcoal

Do not attempt using coal or any other type of fuel - only high quality lump charcoal. It burns for longer, produces less ash thus there are less chance for it to restrict the airflow. Store your fuel in a dry place, since it is hard to fire up damp charcoal. Once the charcoal is alight, try not to move or stoke it - this way charcoal will burn more uniformly and efficiently.

Do not use gasoline, white spirit, lighter fluid, alcohol or any other similar chemical to light up or relight the fire. Chemical additives can impact food's flavor and damage the fire box.


Curing for the First Time

It is important to cure the Kamado without cooking food inside. Not only this will help out get rid of any smells, but it will also ensure its longevity. If you avoid curing and the first burn is too hot, heat can damage the felt gasket seal before it has the chance to mature with use.

Place a handful of charcoal, open bottom vent and light charcoal on fire. Once the fire has caught, close the lid and leave both vents mostly open. Keep the temperature of 83°C-108°C and burn it until the fuel has burnt out completely. After first use, inspect all fasteners, bands and now Kamado is ready to be used.



Do not use water or any type of liquid to extinguish a fire. When you are done with cooking, just stop adding charcoal and close off all oxygen flow to your grill - both top and bottom vents. The fire will die out naturally.



Bad weather conditions are not a threat to Evolve Kamado, but if you are not using it for a longer period of time, prepare it for storage. Clean all the insides from grease and leftover food. Remove the ash and do not forget to clean all the nooks and crannies. Once Kamado is clean and dry, cover it with a rain cover to keep it clean and extend lifespan.

If you are storing Kamado during winter season, we recommend to light a fire and heat it up slowly before the first use.


Cleaning Your Kamado

If you have ever owned a grill, you know it is a pain to keep it clean. Fortunately, Evolve Kamado is self-cleaning and does not require a lot of work. To scorch off any food and debris, light up the fire and heat it up to 260°C for 30 minutes. Let it cool down completely and scrape off any remnants with the ash tool and carefully remove all the ashes.

Do not use water or any cleaning products to clean the inside. The inside walls are porous and can absorb any fluids, which could cause cracks.

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