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From the date of purchase by the original owner alone, the ceramic charcoal barbecue is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.
The warranty must be validated and the original date of purchase must be shown. This can be done by providing a copy of the original bill of sale.


Ceramic base and dome used in the construction of the ceramic charcoal barbecue are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. For as long as the original buyer uses and owns the part(s), we guarantee that there are no manufacturing or material flaws.

Damage from normal wear and tear, such as scratches, dents, dings, chips, or tiny cosmetic cracks, is not covered by the warranty. The grill's performance is unaffected by these cosmetic alterations.

Your ceramic charcoal barbecue's finish may appear to have crack lines upon close inspection. The ceramic is not cracking in this case.









Because the clay and glaze finish expands at opposite speeds, this phenomenon is known as crazing. In contrast to a break, the spider-web pattern of cracking cannot be felt on the surface without using a fingernail; nevertheless, it does become more visible when the surface is dusty or magnified. Although it may appear to be flawed, crazing has no effect on the functionality or lifespan of your ceramic charcoal grill; as a result, it is not a warranty issue.

Our responsibility shall be restricted to providing a replacement for any covered, failing components during the duration of the limited warranty. The replacement and shipping fees are not covered by the warranty.



All other components of the ceramic charcoal barbecue, including the fiberglass gasket, are covered by a two-year warranty.

For as long as the original buyer uses and owns the part(s), we guarantee that there are no manufacturing or material flaws.

Some of the substances that might harm metal parts include high temperatures, high humidity, chlorine, industrial gases, chemicals, fertilizers, lawn pesticides, and salt. For these reasons, corrosion or oxidization are not covered by the warranty.

Please refer to your barbecue manual for information on proper cleaning and maintenance. We advise that you always keep your barbecue covered. Even with these protections, the ceramic charcoal barbecue can still be harmed by different things and circumstances that are out of our control.


The warranty shall be void if this product is misused or used for purposes other than those for which it was intended. Damage brought on by improper assembly, maintenance, or installation is not covered by the warranty. This warranty will be void if you pour lighter fluid or other substances on your grill. This could cause extreme damage to the grill and its numerous parts and components as well as damage to users. Any product purchased from a third party or unlicensed dealer voids the warranty.

This guarantee is based on the product's normal, domestic use and maintenance. Furthermore, accidents, natural disasters, unauthorized alterations, breakage during shipping, and unauthorized attachments or modifications are not covered.

The manufacturer and the suppliers disclaim all liability for incidental or consequential harm to people or property resulting from the use of this product. If your appliance has not been installed, used, cleaned, and maintained exactly as directed in the manual, this guarantee will not be valid. The warranty can be void if you burn charcoal that is of poor quality.

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